We are an unofficial  Blog and download site for the Flowstone Graphical Programming Software. Flowstone  is a visual programming environment that enables anyone to create there own windows applications without needing to writing any code. Although you can if you like, Flowstone supports the Ruby programming language.

Flowstone used to be known as Synthmaker and was aimed at the DSP and audio market, enabling the creation of VST plugins for use in music production. You can find a list of VST synthesizer and effect plugins that have been made with Flowstone on kvraudio.com, so you can see what is possible.

If you own FL Studio then you should already have a version of Flowstone known as FL Flowstone(formally FL Synthmaker). There are a few differences with the FL Flowstone version than the original Flowstone, namely no VST export. All downloads on Flowstone Guru will work just fine in FL Flowstone.

Flowstone is currently aimed at the Robotics market and ships with lots of useful components (known as primitives) for connecting to robotics hardware.  Active Robots is a partner site where you can buy Robotics parts and can connected to and control them from Flowstone!

This site is run by enthusiasts of the software that have been using it since before all the robotics stuff was added, so as such we are more focused on the audio/DSP side of things. We hope to add a bit more robotics related stuff though to broaden the appeal of the site. A lot of the stuff added to the site will be quite general anyway so regardless if you are focusing on robotics or audio Flowstone Guru will be a valuable resource for you.

The Flowstone Guru Team.



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