• Ruby Stripped, Part 3: Arrays

    1. Introduction It can’t be said often enough: Everything in Ruby is an object! No, you don’t have a deja-vu. When it comes to arrays in Ruby this is more true than ever. But let us start with a look at Flowstone’s provided arrays. There are float, integer and string arrays. A float array treats…

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  • Ruby Stripped, Part 2: Objects

    It can’t be said enough: Everything in Ruby is an object. In fact, Ruby is not just an object-oriented programming language, it is probably the object-oriented programming language! All other, including C++, are more of a hybrid, where Ruby is consequent. You should use that fact to your advantage. People, including me, often use a…

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  • Ruby Stripped, Part 1: Introduction to Classes
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    As the title says, this is an introduction to classes in Flowstone . It is not a reference, but will give you enough at hand to make use of classes and hopefully get you hooked enough to expand your experiences. For a reference, have a look at ruby-doc.org: Ruby 1.9.3 reference What is a class?…

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