Download area, mobile app and 64bit

Download area, mobile app and 64bit

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Download Area

I recently paid for a plugin for WordPress that will enable us to have a proper download area that users can upload there modules too. I tested the free version and it worked fine so I went ahead and paid for the pro version because it added lots of extra features and the plugin was really cheap! ( always helps :) ) . Problem is the pro version is not working properly on this site and the php is throwing an error. I have contacted the plugin author and hopefully everything will be up and running soon.

Everyone will be able to download but only certain people can upload. If you want to upload to the site you will need to sign up and then request the ability to upload (I will need to add a request page somewhere). There will be certain standards that should be met, modules should be stable and relatively bug free ect, so no beta work. If you need a module to be tested then you should release it on the forum or elsewhere first.

I will write out a full terms and conditions and expected standards when it is finally up properly.

Each download will have it’s own forum which is pretty cool and will enable the module authors to offer some support for there work.  Downloads will be rateable and searchable by category. This is something that Flowstone has always needed so I am very happy to be able to provide such I thing, well when it is eventually working anyway!


Mobile App

Yes I am planning to provide a mobile app for Flowstone guru. Initially it will just be a basic RSS Reader hardwired to the site. I was thinking I could add private chat and group chat support what do you think? What kind of social features would you like to see that would benefit the community?

I’ve always found the Flowstone community to be very focused around the forum which is great but I would like to see us branching out a bit more into other areas. A real time chat app focused on Flowstone would be beneficial I think or possibility annoying depends which way you look at it. The forum is good because it is “slow” you can respond in your own time but there are definitely times when real time communication would be preferred.

I would like some feed back on this so please leave your comments.


x64 AKA 64bit

There has been talk on the forum of creating a 64bit wrapper for our 32bit plugins. I can let you all know that I am currently looking into this. I do think it is going to be a pain in the arse to get working but it is possible so theoretically I should be able to do it. I even upgraded to 64bit windows! which is a pretty necessary step so that is the first hurdle over. Now it is just a SMOP (Simple Matter Of Programming) ha ha.

I have researched how this can be done and I think I have a method that will work, but please don’t hold your breath maybe this is beyond me!? clearly cannot be that easy because there are no open source examples to speak of anywhere on the internet.  Wish me luck!


Current Priorities

So these are my current priorities. Firstly I want to get the download area working but it is currently out of my hands. The initial mobile app will be very quick for me to do because it will just be an RSS reader. The app will be for Android, Blackberry 10 and I might compile it for feature phones too. I cannot guarantee I will release it for IOS because I am a cheap skate who cannot afford one of there phones and who doesn’t want to pay apple for a developer account just to release a free app!

So most of my current spare time can go towards trying to  implement a solution for a x64 wrapper :)

It is likely that I would charge a fee for such a thing but of course we can talk about that later if I can get it working…..


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About the author:

I am the founder of Flowstone Guru. I have been using Flowstone since the early days when it was Synthmaker, talking 7-8 years now! I have created lots of things in Flowstone and have a wealth of experience with the software, some of my work you will find on this site in the Downloads section. I'm passionate about programming (Flowstone, Java ,C++,Ruby) there is nothing I like to do more. I just love a challenge and enjoy pushing myself and the tools I use to there limits!

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