Flowpaw and Flowstone 3.0.6

Flowpaw and Flowstone 3.0.6


For those that are not aware DSPRobotics has just announced a kickstarter campaign  for an interesting bit of hardware named Flowpaw.

It looks really cool and is aimed at teaching kids the basics of programming and getting them interested in computers.  There is a big push at the moment in the UK to get programming in schools, I think DSPRobotics have positioned themselves well to capitalise on this growing market with this great bit of kit. I will be giving to this campaign because I really want to get my hands in one! How about you?

Also Flowstone 3.0.6 is due (all being well) by the end of this week beginning of next. It will have support for Flowpaw and come with some very important bug fixes and a few cool new features. I currently have the beta, I need to do more testing but looks like the annoying crash on switching presets is fixed, and allround feels more stable.

There is a very nice feature coming that us Ruby/DSP programmers will appreciate but I cannot give anything away just yet! I will be writing a quick review once 3.0.6 is out so look out for that.

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About the author:

I am the founder of Flowstone Guru. I have been using Flowstone since the early days when it was Synthmaker, talking 7-8 years now! I have created lots of things in Flowstone and have a wealth of experience with the software, some of my work you will find on this site in the Downloads section. I'm passionate about programming (Flowstone, Java ,C++,Ruby) there is nothing I like to do more. I just love a challenge and enjoy pushing myself and the tools I use to there limits!


  1. kohugaly
    kohugaly  - October 23, 2014 - 3:47 pm

    Here in slovakia children have one year of programming in Pascal on grammar schools. However, I don’t think it is very useful, since we are learning only the boring basics (if else, loops etc.) of writing algorithms. Although it gives a person an idea of what programming is about, you don’t get a finished product, that does something interesting. I can imagine programing in flowstone would be much more fun and also much more satisfying (especially with flowpaw) when you can create stuff that is actually useful.

    • Exo
      Exo  - October 23, 2014 - 4:39 pm

      In the UK schools have only ever taught how to use software to get kids ready for boring office jobs. Learning about if/elses and what have you is pretty boring and doubt it inspired many kids to take it up as a job. This FlowPaw is great though and will make learning fun, wish I was a kid again! :)

      • kohugaly
        kohugaly  - October 23, 2014 - 5:36 pm

        Exactly! Literally I never saw any of my classmates saying “This is cool!” about anything we learned that year at those classes. A lot of my classmates were interested in programming before that. Our school suppose to open a informatics-specialized class but school had to quit it after applications were send (some kind of mayor education reform, which also meant our grade across the whole state didn’t had official school-books for 4 years because they were not yet made). So they split the students across the normal classes, which many (including me) ended in the same class as I.
        The one year of programming was useful in no way – certainly didn’t encouraged anyone to programming – in fact it drew many away (including me). Now I study pharmacy and do astronomy and programming as a hobby although I know I have what it takes to be a professional programmer.

        • Exo
          Exo  - October 23, 2014 - 8:30 pm

          Shame it put you off but not surprised. I started programming at bit at the age of 8 on my spectrum ZX , only basic text based games, i think the spectrum broke and my Dad got a Sega mega drive. So then I had nothing to program , then my teen years came so I was busy with other things ;) . Only in my twenties when I found Synthmaker that I got back into some form of programming. Yes I would definitely say you have the right mind and capabilities to do it professionally I think I do too, i would like to do it as job but I have no qualifications.

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