Flowstone 3.0.6 Review

Flowstone 3.0.6 Review


So Flowstone 3.0.6 is finally here! This release comes with some very important bug fixes and a few small but really useful features as well as support for Flowpaw.

Find and Replace

The main new feature of this release is “Find and Replace”  for Text, Ruby, DSP and ASM components. This is very handy to have and is a real time saver. To find a word just press CTRL-F, and then type the word into the “Find what” box then press “Find”, pressing F3 will find other instances of the word. You can also select a word with the cursor and then press CTRL-F and this will automatically fill the “Find what” box with the selected word.

To find and replace just hit CTRL-H, again you can select a word to automatically fill the “Find what ” box. Selecting text that spans more than one line will allow you to find and replace words within that selected text, selected text that is on one line will be inserted into the “Find what” box.

Find and replace is a great feature I am very happy this has been added. I would love to see more text editing features like this added in future.

 New Components

Most of the new components in this release relate to FlowPaw, such as Accelerometer, Proximity, Buzzer and LED Display components.  I haven’t been able to test these yet until I get  FlowPaw which will be delivered for Christmas all being well with the Kick starter campaign. I will do a review of that when I receive it.

There is one other component that is handy for certain situations but nothing to get excited about. It is called “Indexer” it basically just gives you an index for a trigger. Well I did say it was nothing to get excited about.


Again as usual more improvement to Ruby in this release. A nice one is a new method called “scheduleMethod” , this is a call back method that allows you to schedule the call at some point in the future.

Here is a simple example that Malc sent me..

There is also a new method “schematicLocation” to get the file location of the schematic from within Ruby.
Bitmaps are now stored as part of the Ruby component. This is another great little ‘feature’ although I haven’t fully gotten around to testing that yet. but this should mean no longer having to ‘push’ a bitmap into the Ruby component on load via an after load trigger.

Bug Fixes

Here is the list of bug fixes for this release…

- Fixed a problem with local toolboxes reappearing after being removed
- Fixed a problem which was causing intermittent crashing when using MIDI in Ruby components
- Fixed a problem with crashing when changing preset while playing a note and other general audio instability
- Fixed a problem with voice tags being reversed when reinstating stolen notes
- Fixed copy and paste of non-curved links which were changing to curved after pasting
- Fixed a problem with the Ruby component so that the init method is now called after loading the input values
- Fixed a bug in the HID component which could sometimes lead to crashing
So a couple of very important crash fixes there, the preset change crash is fixed and the MIDI in Ruby components crash.


This is quite a small but very solid release which has fixed a couple of very annoying crash situations, anyone that is currently using 3.0.5 should update immediately for these important fixes.

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About the author:

I am the founder of Flowstone Guru. I have been using Flowstone since the early days when it was Synthmaker, talking 7-8 years now! I have created lots of things in Flowstone and have a wealth of experience with the software, some of my work you will find on this site in the Downloads section. I'm passionate about programming (Flowstone, Java ,C++,Ruby) there is nothing I like to do more. I just love a challenge and enjoy pushing myself and the tools I use to there limits!


  1. kohugaly
    kohugaly  - November 4, 2014 - 4:14 pm

    CTRL+F FINALLY! I feel like they mounted starter on my car… the scheduleMethod is super useful too. Simplifies a lot of stuff. I had a quick look at it and it indeed seems much more stable. I pretty much skipped the 3.0.5 because of the bad stories I saw. Were the Selector crashes fixed too?

    Hopefully, the ASM and Code component get revised soon too.

    • Exo
      Exo  - November 4, 2014 - 5:07 pm

      Yep it is so great to finally have Find and replace, I find myself using it at lot now especially in ASM.
      Yes the selector crash is fixed.
      I will contact Malc soon with my ideas for the DSP code and ASM opcodes, hopefully I can get him to add a few things for the next release :)

      • kohugaly
        kohugaly  - November 5, 2014 - 12:15 pm

        hopefully yes… By the way I have dug deeper into ASM optimization and processor code execution and learned several interesting things. I have also made a bunch of measurements sometimes with quite unexpected results. I’m in the process of writing DSP code optimization article (it is in the drafts), PM me any additional tips you came up with.

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