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Very useful!
2014-11-11 21:29 #

That’s a nifty little helper, KohuGaly! Clever, how you use FS voice management to create multiple instances, thumbs up!

2014-11-11 21:38 #

Thanks man! It was one of those ”why I haven’t came up with this earlier”-type of modules. It came to my mind when I was preparing schematics for the optimizations articles. I used similar approach to create multi-voice chorus effect (back in SM days, later revised when I learned ruby to manipulate midi a little). The ruby module that triggers the voices is actually ripped out from that. No more watching 3-5% on CPU meters when optimizing, I suppose ;-) A prim that sends trigger on each code recompile would even improve it (no more clicking RESET when you edit your code).

2014-11-11 21:49 #

Yep a great module, I had a ”why didn’t I think of that moment” it’s an obvious solution when you think about it. I have always manually copied and pasted modules to stack them up and test, this just makes testing CPU a breeze, thanks KG

2014-11-11 22:41 #

Yeah, I tried to make a test schematic, that has several (dozens) of synced modules. Since I wanted to have two groups (for A/B comparisons) they were hell to set up. After several rage-quits my multi-voice chorus came to my mind because I remember how it smashed CPU hard when many voices were setup… and viola… simple ”connect and it’s ready to go” module, no syncing, no copy pasting, no nothing! adjustable number of instances, readout output, reset button, on/off switch. Saved me a lifetime of copy pasting + the new find-and-replace feature… just sweet. Optimizing code have never been so easy in FS.

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