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Free Running Polyphonic Oscillators

Finally we have free running polyphonic oscillators in Flowstone!

The schematic is set up for you to have a play with these straight away and to show the basic set up.

For the Free Running oscs to work you need to be using the “Midi to Poly Advanced”(included) this is because they rely on wireless outputs from this module. As a bonus it has added Unison support :)

You will find a module called “Free Running Ramp” this takes care of saving and retrieving the current phase of the osc for that voice. I have designed it to be completely decoupled from the main oscillator, this means that it can be easily added to any existing osc!

This file requires Flowstone 3.0.5 Amber and above. (It relies on new features so won’t work in older versions)

A big thanks to adamszabo helping me to get this working just right.

Update V1.3

*Added a hop and other optimizations, thanks to adamszabo.

*Fixed a problem where the phase was accumulating when in mono mode.

Update V1.2

* In free running mode, phases for all voices now initially start at a random phase instead of zero.


Update V1.1 fixed a potential crash situation because the index of the phase array could have gone out of bounds.

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