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Free Running Polyphonic Oscillators

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Four «MIDI to Poly Advanced» modules in one schematic
2014-11-13 22:21 #

Hi Exo! Thank you for your great work!

Now I’m working on four-synth-in-one VST synthesizer. Every part of plugin must have from one up to four voices (layers). But when I try to make four separate synth engines with voice number and detune control knobs inside each of them I encounter the situation when for example VoiceNumber control of Synth4 controls voice number in Synth2 too. At the same time VoiceNumber controls in Synth1 and Synth3 does not work at all. Note that all knobs are named correctly and has absolutely diffrent preset names so they cannot match. Is this problem in MIDI to Poly Advanced or in FlowStone?

2014-11-14 05:56 #
Hi Alien prime, thanks!

It could be an issue with how your schematic is set out. The Midi to poly advanced is using "Out" wireless links which will be sent to modules below it. So it is possible that these wireless links are conflicting with each other, because you have the Midi to polys in the same module at the same level in schematic? If so try putting each Synth in its very own module completely separate from the others so there can be no conflict.
2014-11-14 11:55 #

Each of MIDI to Poly Adv. is inside separate modules. The structure of schematic is ”Schematic->>Synth1..Synth4” and Synth1..Synth4 contains one MIDI to Poly inside. Is it possible that outputs of MIDI to Poly interfere to each other?

2014-11-14 18:31 #

When you mix the synths together for final output this is done in the blue mono section? If things are separated correctly then they shouldn’t interfere. I might need to look at the schematic to help you further, thanks.

2014-11-16 00:08 #

Yes, at the end of scheme all signals are being passed through Poly-to-Mono conversions. During the experiments I found that ”polyphony” irreversibly breaks down after adding a bus pack/unpack elements (actually a lot… no, even A LOT of bus pack/unpack!) and then even if I throw bus connections out from schematic things doesn’t get better :(. Some kind of ”contagious bug” – once you put it into your schematic and your synth would never sound as you want.

2014-11-16 00:09 #

Here is the file of schematic: ex.ua /load/595332403065/ 137116064 (remove the spaces).

It has four synthesizer modules with four-voice layering and fake-morphing waveforms.

Each synth can be controlled by graphic envelope generators (gain, pitch, cutoff and phase offset) and (further) by four fully assignable LFOs.

Now the schematic is in the state when multi-layering irreversibly breaks. And it looks like Voices knob of Synth1 (in common Voices knob of any first-added Synth in schematic) controls voices of ANY synth in schematic. But all other Voices knobs became non-functional.

2014-11-16 18:21 #

Hi Alien,

I had a quick look at the schematic and you are combining poly streams. After each synth you have a Multi env which is connected to all the synths outputs in poly. This messes poly up. It might not seem like you have them connected because it is just the output of the env that links them. But to Flowstone they are linked so it has to decide which midi to poly to use. Having an env after each synth is obviously desirable but you will have to either move the multi env to mono, which is tricky because you need voice management. Or you can have a separate audio part of the env for each synth (so they don’t touch) and then share the ”green” outputs inside the env with each separate audio part. This will give the same effect as having one env modifying each synth volume but you will have 4 envs controlled by one GUI. I hope that is clear :)

2014-11-18 21:33 #

Hi Exo. Just made another try but still with no luck. Even with disconnected EnvGenerator the scheme does not work in 4 separate poly-synth mode. It just becomes irreversibly broken when I add an MultiEnv and then even removing it from schematic cannot make it back functional ;(. Tried to replicate Multi-Env module inside the Multi-stage Envelope (following your suggestion) but this also does not work: voices are still controlled by Synth1 for all 4 parts. I have already made a ”CPU-hungry” version of this Quad+ VST (it uses ”Voices example” module from one of your example schematics’ in a place of MIDI to poly Adv) but being used in FL for simple dub techno it EATS CPU LIKE A MAD (two channels uses Quad+ – the simple bass and 3-note ”dubtech frost bass”) – 95% of my old E5200.

2014-12-02 21:32 #

Hi Alien, sorry for the delay, I sent this message ages ago but it didn’t show up — if you are sure that no separate poly streams are touching, you could try copy/cut and pasting the entire schematic to a new project or possibly within the same one. See if that ‘resets’ it. Failing that I would contact support because if the problem is now ‘stuck’ in the schematic then I’m not sure if there is anything I can do about that, thanks.

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2017-04-17 03:49 #

hi, yo tengo casi el mismo problema, tengo 4 voces Poly que estan conectados por separado a los osciladores y lo extraño es que

al desconectar las voces Poly de la fuente midi,

la primera voz poly continua controlando a los demas osciladores

y esto me da a pensar que puede ser un Bug del programa,

estoy usando la version

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