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Logarithmic Volume Control (dB FS)

Version 1.11 (see changelog)

This control enables you to change the volume (or anything else, even if it doesn’t make much sense) using a logarithmic scale called dB FS. FS stands for “Full Scale” and describes an absolute scale (which is different from a normal dB relative scale). Basically it means that digital 1 is mapped to 0 dB and digital 0 mapped to -inf dB.

You set the range in dB, and everything below will be muted (digitatl 0). Common ranges are 48, 60 or 80 dB.

This control is scalable in the easiest way possible: Just resize the view. Also, lots of properties let you re-design the control to your likings.

Have a look at the provided images for examples.

The .fsm offers two versions. The first one expects the final blue stereo channel, the second one outputs a float, so that you can use it elsewhere.

v1.0: Initial release

v1.01: Fixed a slip calculating the inverse log.

v1.1: Now with included preset management.

v1.11: corrected weird behavior of the sweep indicator when resizing the view

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